6 top tips to growing your fan base

Fan baseMovies, bands and artists can grow massively over a short period of time, but without the right tools and advice, this process is much harder. Our tips are here to assist you on doubling or tripling the size of your fan base. Do you want to know more about the movie? Check out the cast.

1.     Every fan that you currently have must generate one new fan

To double the size of your fan base, it is important that one of your current fans introduces your band, movie or art to their friends who will take that same action. The bigger the number of new fans that are introduced to you, the faster your fan base will grow.

2.     Using YouTube as a means of marketing

Increasing the quality and amount of videos posted on YouTube is one of the most powerful ways of growing your fan base at a fast rate. There are various services available that can distribute your videos to a larger network of video hosted websites.

3.     Bigger and better more frequent appearances

The best way of marketing yourself is by going out and performing/exhibiting. Although online tools are there to assist, they can’t replace it. Appearances are great for going out and meeting fans and building a better relationship with them. Find out more.

Whilst at these appearances, why not give out some fan merchandise which can then be exposed to potential fans? This could increase your fan base massively.

There is a huge range of options that you could choose from, including phone cases, cushions, tote bags and even key rings. The team at Wrappz have all of these products and more! All you have to do is upload and image, write some text and you’re done! Click here to see what cases are available for the upcoming iPhone X.

Below are some benefits of branded merchandise:

  • Can invoke a sense of brand loyalty
  • Can make customers even more passionate
  • A great way of saying thanks to fans
  • More likely to recommend you to other fans

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